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America's Cup Betting
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Football matches of South American national teams. Attract no less attention than matches of European teams. America’s Cup Betting, like any other international tournament, has its own characteristics and patterns. If you study carefully, it will allow you to bet regularly and prospectively. Let’s learn about this form of betting with 55BMW right below the article.

Features of America’s Cup

Features of America's Cup
Features of America’s Cup

Previously, the tournament featured teams from North America, but in 2019 and 2020, the tournament featured 10 national teams from South America and teams from Australia, Qatar and Japan.

Representatives from Asia and Oceania have always been present at the America’s Cup. In terms of sports betting, this change is only positive; we’ll see why below.

The format of the event has also changed

Until 2019, the 16 participating teams were divided into 4 groups and the two representatives from the quarter-finals advanced to the next round. When the number of teams was then reduced to 12. They were divided into 3 groups and 2-3 representatives from each group qualified for the 1/4 round of the knockout stage.

In 2020, the 12 teams participating in the Copa Sudamericana were divided into two groups. Each group had 6 teams, each group had 4 teams qualified for the knockout stage.

All these changes have greatly affected the strategy of playing sports betting. Now in the group stage, the teams do not have to play three matches but five. Accordingly, the teams that reach the knockout stage will have to play two more matches, which is an additional burden for the players.

In a short period of time, you can play three matches at a high level. But to play 5-7 matches smoothly is very difficult, even in such a short period of time there will be ups and downs.

Another point to consider: in the near future, the tournament format may return to three groups. In the group stage, this will lead to a change in betting strategies. In this situation, it is advisable to use the strategy for the group stage of the European Championship.

If in the future, North American national teams participate in the tournament again. Then the strategy for the World Championship will be appropriate.

America’s Cup Betting Strategy

America's Cup Betting Strategy
America’s Cup Betting Strategy

America’s Cup betting strategy will help you win more easily when betting. There are some important points you need to consider.

When betting on group stage matches

Each group consists of 5 representatives from South America and one representative from Asia or Oceania. In the first two rounds, this can lead to an imbalance in attack. Analysts will not be able to accurately correlate the level of football in matches between teams from different regions.

Analysts can accurately assess the level of play of South American teams. In head-to-head matches and the above odds will correspond to reality.

The favorites in Copa America will not play their best from the first round. The finalists will play a total of 8 matches in a month, which is a large volume, so the leading team will gradually regain momentum.

Betting on the first matches

After the first 3-4 rounds, the teams will know 100% that they will reach the knockout stage. In the finals, you can play against such teams if they meet a strong opponent.

How to bet on knockout matches

How to bet on knockout matches
How to bet on knockout matches

The group stage allows bookmakers to know the playing level of all the teams that have reached the quarterfinals. Therefore, the quotes are extremely accurate. In such a situation, when analyzing the knockout matches, one must rely on the odds offered by the bookmaker.

If both teams have almost equal odds on the line. This indicates a long fight between two opponents who are almost evenly matched. Such meetings are not distinguished by a large number of goals scored. This makes it possible to bet “under total” profitably. The user risks successfully betting on a draw.

When the bookmaker has placed one of the teams participating in the knockout stage. Participate in the knockout stage with odds of 1.60-1.80, then you can bet on the favorite.


Copa America is different from other international tournaments. It is different in the unpredictability of the number of participants and the format. When America’s Cup Betting, bettors must adapt to any changes and proactively use strategies that have worked for the Euro and World Cup. Good luck and success.

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